These 5 Trendy Basics Look the Best Paired With Loose Jeans

As I recently covered here, loose jeans are one of the key denim cuts of the season given that relaxed fashion is of utmost importance these days. While you really can pair a range of items with this jean silhouette (or any denim style, for that matter), there are actually a few specific pieces the fashion crowd seems to be turning to as they’re creating their chic ensembles with loose jeans.

For the most part, the items in question are all simple in nature in that they’re highly versatile, but they still have that forward feel. Here, we’re talking about pieces like of-the-moment ribbed knits and flowy blouses. On the jacket front, it’s primarily those oversized pieces like slouchy blazers. To showcase all of this further, we rounded up a smattering of outfit ideas highlighting some of the trendy basics that pair flawlessly with loose jeans. Oh, there’s also a ton of inspired shopping picks as well in case something catches your eye.

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