The Top-Rated Black Ankle Boots From Shopbop and Net-a-Porter

When the cold weather comes around, it can be easy to go out and shop for the first black boot you see. But when it comes to narrowing it down to the best option on the market, it can be difficult. You’re left with hundreds of options, and you may even leave a site more confused than when you first started shopping. In an effort to find the boots of the season, I reached out to the experts, Net-a-Porter’s senior fashion market editor Libby Page and Shopbop’s fashion director Caroline Maguire. Since it’s their jobs to pinpoint the fashion direction of the most popular retailers (that we love here at WWW) I knew they’d deliver a slew of good picks.

 Ahead, you’ll find the black ankle boots they think are the best of the season. They know exactly what their customers want and need, so If you’re shopping for a staple black ankle boot, the options below will be sure to stay with you for a long time. Keep scrolling to uncover your perfect pair—and complete your winter wardrobe once and for all.

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