16 Nail Gift Sets to Buy Before They Sell Out (According to Celeb Manicurists)

I think gift sets are not only the easiest things you can give to those on your list, but they’ll also be well received if you choose them correctly. Some people might think that a gift set feels a bit impersonal or lazy. But honestly, who doesn’t want a box or package full of their absolute favorite things? I know I wouldn’t be mad at that.

Luckily for the beauty-obsessed person in your life, there are so many different gift sets out there. Got a friend who never skips their skincare routine? There’s a set for them. Or maybe you want to give a makeup set to the person in your life who is always experimenting with their looks. If you know someone who loves to style and give their hair some TLC, there are some pretty brilliant haircare sets, too.

And for the friend who never misses a mani—whether it’s at home or at the salon—might I suggest a nail gift set? I asked celeb manicurists for their best recommendations. Take a look below for their picks, plus some from our editors.

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