Ari Fletcher Claps Back At Commenters Who Allege Her Health Issues Are Due To Surgery

One thing that we can guarantee Ari Fletcher and G Herbo’s son Yosohn Santana to do is make us react. Whether it’s a funny video that his parents shared or a video of him being cute, Yosohn always brings the vibes. Today his energy was just what his mother needed, as she continued to deal with some severe health issues. As we previously reported yesterday, the influencer shared a series of tweets expressing pain.

Today she shared a video with her son on Instagram of their interaction as he prepares to leave. Ari tells the three-year-old that she doesn’t want him to go. Yosohn responds, “I’ll be back.” Next, he tries to convince his mother to come with him, but Ari says she can’t walk. In another video, Ari shared that he has been with her seemingly since the beginning of her health issues, and it was his first day leaving because she has to go back to the doctor.

Shortly after sharing her video, she went to Twitter in now-deleted tweets to clarify that she could walk. “I can walk. I just need to sit down. He (Yosohn) was trying to make me go eat candy from the pantry, lol.” Ari also took a moment to clap back at a few commenters after they suspected that she had health issues due to surgery. One Twitter user tweeted, “Ari had surgery and acting like she’s sick. You can’t convenience me otherwise.” The Chicago native clapped back, tweeting, “Ya’ll keep saying from having surgery like that’s the problem. Is that what’s wrong with yall, grandma? Her BBL went bad? Aww.”

Some of the Roommates called her corny for her response. One commented, “Her comebacks are corny, and now I don’t feel sorry for her.” Roomies, do you think Ari should have responded?

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